Reel 2016 Roboraid HoloStudio

Carefully Crafted Designs

Each project is different and needs to be crafted to suit the customer best. Understanding their needs and creating something that is functionally wonderful and visually stunning is what I'm all about.

2D, 3D, Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi

Whatever design need you have, I'm sure we can work together to solve any problem. I believe in working from lo-fi to hi-fi in whatever medium is required to find the best solution possible.


I have 10+ years experience, working with big clients from Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney, Mattel, Audi, Nickelodeon, Sony and so many more...

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Interactive Prototyping

Creating quick interactive prototypes, it can be a necessary step to approaching most design problems. Making a demo also helps to sell the idea and can comfort the client.

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