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C4D – Polygon Folding Python Script (english version)

Just watched this:

it’s a crazy python script for Cinema 4D that allows you to unfold polygons with ease. Such a handy script and all for free!

I got excited and spent the day translating it with Google translate from German to English.

Download the ENG version here. It includes the latest ALIGN-POLY_1.05 code, apparently the v1.04 version of the align_POLY script had problems with triangles.

be sure to check out Joren Kandel’s quick tutorial here too!

13 Comments to C4D – Polygon Folding Python Script (english version)

  1. Lu

    Thank you : ))

  2. YesPapa

    Thx. Where di i out the script in Cinema 4D ?

    • Jordan

      Hi YesPapa, if you’re on a win7 machine put it here: c:\Users\(current user / your name)\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\Cinema 4D R13_(someNumbers)\library\scripts

      Then you’ll have to go to re-open C4D, go to Window->Customization->Customize Commands, in the “Name Filter” type, rown, drag the icons out to a palette in a very specific order.. splitPoly, arrangePoly, alignPoly, affiliation, putsch, that is the order you create this effect with this python script, for more information be sure to check out the original vimeo post here

      and joren kandel’s post here

      i’m just trying to figure out how to use this thing as well, i’m really not the best resource on how it works. i just did my part to convert from GER to ENG cause i couldn’t understand it!

  3. rown

    Thank you very much for your work!!!


  4. Oluphant

    Maybe I am the only idiot here but……….the pdf in the folder is still in German am I missing something here?

    • Jordan

      should be fixed now.

  5. Rodrigo

    why does not work?
    Can you help me?

    • Jordan

      it might have something to do with the geometry you’re trying to unfold. I’m not as good as trying to contact the source of the plugin! sorry!

  6. Im super excited about getting this script going. I downloaded the file here…and it looks like the PDF is still in German. Wasn’t this an English version?



    • Jordan

      should be fixed now, all english. it’s still a rough translation.

  7. can this script running in C4D R12 ?

    • Jordan

      Yes! this script does work in R12.

  8. Thank you very much
    for this great tool!!!

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