Video Production · MR Experience · UWP Application

Created a proof of concept application that turns flat engineering drawings and LIDAR data into interactive 3D maps and immersive landscapes.

LOOOK worked with applied earth sciences consulting firm BGC Engineering to develop a tool to help them communicate their most complex geo-engineering challenges. Many of BGC’s projects are big enough to be seen from space. They involve displacing millions of tons of earth, and can take decades to complete. But as engineers, they still communicate using stacks of 2D engineering drawings.

Using HoloLens, BGC can now use 3D to communicate earth science engineering more naturally. Stacks of flat engineering drawings are being replaced by interactive, 3D maps that clients can explore at their own pace.

For this project there were various deliverables, which spanned the past 10 months. We created a proof of concept experience that highlighted a tabletop map, and immersive experience. The video details all the elements that were in this proof of concept experience. I work on the video which is featured below from start to finish helping to craft the story, worked with a hired film crew to ensure we had all the shots we needed for post production. Created 90% of the 3D assets used in the video as well as composited and rendered everything. When we created the application version we could take real data that BGC had and use it in our tool for geological engineers to visualize this data and inspect it from a whole new angle.

Ways I contributed:

Concepting · Previz · Animation · UI Design · UX Design · Production · Compositing

This video features a vast set of previz that I created for this project. Most of my work on this project was in concept, previz, planning, UX, and only a small fraction of the stuff we had planned made it into the app. We found a lot of great solutions to our problems this way, by doing previz and sketching up front we could determine solutions before we ever had to create them in Unity or put an engineer on them. Rapid prototyping in this way let us fail on a bunch of ideas before we started actually creating them inside of Unity.


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