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    • Everything u see, just me..

About the project

I hesitate to put this into my portfolio but the honest truth is that my full-time just doesn’t have a lot of motion work. So i had to figure some way to flex. It’s all rough, go easy on me. It’s been a great way to generate a little bit of residual income, which is much needed! It’s also been a great way to be my own boss and realize how much i need one, or at least an art director to guide and polish. Not having tight deadlines, and the whole palette can be dangerous as well. Take it for what it is..

And if you have some extra time, check out the actual files here, hell.. buy one!


Particle Wrapping Opener
Blue Media Showcase
Wild Form Opener
3D Cube Media Showcase

Flipping Media
Twist & Break
Cube Grid Reveal
Cube Grid Lower Third

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