HoloLens MR Application

In this mixed reality first-person shooter, use natural movements to target enemies coming at you from every possible direction.

As a team we wanted to find a way to show off all the best features of the HoloLens. Surface reconstruction, world locked holograms, gesture based interaction, spatial audio… After focusing on all sorts of different experiences we were green lit to continue a project that was only ever a demo, that turned into Roboraid. Our team built this game and it helped in other areas of UX design and interaction techniques on other HoloLens experiences. For this project I worked with a killer team within Microsoft to create the first mixed reality first person shooter. It presented a whole host of new challenges specifically for me as the lead UI artist.

The biggest challenges presented with UI were having things not just locked to your head but actually placed in the real world. Because this game takes place in your room, it was super important to consider all room sizes and shapes. Menus needed to be locked to walls and out of FOV indicators were essential to lead the user around the space and draw attention to important game elements.

Roboraid is easily one of the best ways to show off how cool mixed reality gaming can be.

Ways I contributed:

Previz · Motion · UI · Branding · Production


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