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I worked at LOOOK, we solved complex MR problems and crafted amazing experiences.

I had an amazing opportunity to work for LOOOK, Inc. and wanted to post a few random things that I created while working there. Some of this never saw the light of day or was just concept material. But I feel like all of it is interesting enough to share. While working here I got to do a lot of concepting for mixed reality experiences we were building. We also worked through complicated problems with UI in mixed reality, specifically on the HoloLens. With its limited FOV and recommended 1.5 – 2 meter optimal comfort for viewing holograms there are many challenges for developers and designers to solve. Some of the concepting work in there starts to hint at ideas we were trying to solve for these challenges. Below I’ve highlighted above each image what the problem we were trying to solve and what we created to solve it.

Ways I contributed:

Concepting · Previz · Animation · UI Design · Compositing

We worked with a company based out of France that manufactures overhead cranes and created a proof of concept as well as some visual materials. We found that overhead crane training required specialized facilities and is time consuming and dangerous. This holographic prototype allows trainees to use a real overhead crane controller to operate a holographic crane simulation. The simulation replicates all aspects of the real crane, but with less hazard and at a lower cost.

We were approached by Swagelok to think through problems they have with visualizing flow, pressure and understanding their complex fluid system technologies. In this concept we created a visual that showed the potential of creating a mixed reality experience that would overlay over their fluid systems to provide controls in MR to adjust the system as well as seeing complex information when you want it on a variety of parts and controllers.

The below image & video was a concept that we worked on as a global set of controls to solve a huge problem in MR/VR. UI in these experiences cannot be conveniently locked to a 2D screen and must integrate with the environment around you. We wanted to try and find a set of global elements and patterns that we could reuse for any experience.

The below video and animated loop were just a few branding elements that I worked on while at LOOOK. I wanted to create a simple logo animation which we eventually took some of this idea as our startup animation for our experiences. The animated gif below was a visual element we added to a holiday greeting email that we sent out last winter.



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